Reward crystal awards trophies, crystal award plaque to exemplary employees with crystal awards engraved of logo and name for company business corporate events,

crystal colors Options :

crystal awards trophies Material  is going the very high grad A k9 crystal ,that's our company name source from it ,which we want  to use the great materail makes the great crystals .tha's our base line.

Most of material be picked strikely ,it's must be shinning ,no stripe ,little bubble,(of course if you require no bubbly we also can make it )  should be allowed,engraved or etched any logo and text or images on crystal ,glass ,it's can total support with your sandblasting ,lasering,etched,requirement .we also supply lots of colors crystal for your choiced .

Most of crystals are available in colors ,Please checking the colors below ,and find the colors you'd best ,custom colors crystal are available in larger quantity order or mini , All crystal engraved,etched also be work .Special suit to processing crystal base ,you'd find a different's shinning ,that's perfect .

Engraved crystal and imprint your personalized logo,images,text, you have 4 choice .

Sandblast crystal :


sandblast ,or surface carve,surface imprint on the glass or crystal .that's our normal way to processing your logo,images,text on the blank crystal ,we all known,crystal products all based on the blank crystal ,when we got the crystal cubes, all shape and colors all be shaped and can't be changed and you want to be your item more attracting or more remeberable ,only we can do was put your personalized  logo,images,text,

using the emery sand,oh no,now we use emery Flour,and power by air compressor ,we can easily broken the glass crystal surface,Fiering or fiilin film used can easy with us control the area where should be etched or engraved ,and where can't be carved ,yes,any text ,any images ,any logos can be make out using sandblasting, this way got us your personalized products .

also i'm here saying this is more simples ,actual this tech is more complex than it ,i just shows one coner ,anyway if you want to got your items ,just let us handle it ,we sure we can got your perfect crystal.

Laser crystal

Sandblast crystal is a good way to engraved your logo,images,but carved on glass,and it's surface,total 2d images,now some sandblast images can be Imitation 3d,but it's not sure,if want to real 3d images ,we recommend Laser tech,and laser crystal.

Lasering processing now is already be very normal way to manufacturing your logo or images into the crystal cubes ,as the sandblasting way ,and all job based on the blank crystal .crystal cube is main item for our manufacturer ,all shape and colors of your crystal product can shaped how's shows of your items ,

using the laser machine and special tech,broken the point inside the glass,you will find a little white colors,it's only shows tiny point,continuing broken more point and make it be a picture or logo,that's the source of our laser crystal images .all the lasering crystal shows only be white picture ,but if you want to laser colors images ,sent us a mails ,we can make it .

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