Reward crystal awards trophies, crystal award plaque to exemplary employees with crystal awards engraved of logo and name for company business corporate events,

Felipe B. -  - 4/7/2011 México 2011-11-11 09:52


I want to take this chance in order to thank you all the support of your team in your factory concerning our purchase order per K9 crystal awards and K9 blanks,
Production schedule was on time, and all issues concerning quality were full reviewed.I hope to have more future business with your company, because is good to have all the support of a manager like you.Thanks again, and kindest regards.


Lucy F.- - Tuesday, June 05, 2012 11:05 AM canada


Just to let you know the box arrived and everything looks very good.We are very happy with these pieces. Thank you!The quality of the crystal and glue job of the round top awards is very good!



Paula - - 2012-06-14  19:47  France 


We LOVE the engraving! It is really, really, really great!!! The quality of the crystal is absolutely excellent and you have rendered the model beautifully. We are really very very happy with this. Thank you so much for all the work!! Many thanks again and we will stay in touch for the next order.\


John--------  2012-08-21 19:35   Spain

Today we have received the goods.
We liked
Good job!

We believe we can sell 150 units.I want you to offer me your best price for 150 pieces, including transportation.I hope your offer fast. thanks



Sudhakar  2012-08-30 08:11  USA


Thanks for the e-mail. We received all the Trapezoid bases in excellent condition. I distributed them to all our members and they were very happy with the product and the kind of service you provided.


Ramon------------2012-10-01 23:08  Spain


We finally received the crystal bars and I must say they are nice and exactly as per the sample. I hope we will generate more orders for you in the near future and of course we thank you for your cooperation.


Tim Pope--------------2013-05-14 06:01

We just received our shipment of the crystal cubes. They exceed our expectations. They are exquisite! Can't wait to see how they look laser engraved.

Arrived very fast. Thank you for all of your help.

Charlene E Anderson----------------------
2013-05-22 02:02

Package just arrived!! ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!! Thank you so VERY much.

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