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cheap crystal will be killed by our government
Addtime:      2013/4/26 20:09:31

70% or more crystal gifts from our here ,yeah,pujiang,jinhua,now our town be famous as crystal town,the crystal gifts be sell out all over the's cheap and beautiful,and wide loved by all the world ,

today,our factory and all factory of crystal got the rightful notice that all crystal factory should be out of town and pujiang town not allowed to manufacturing the crystal any more ,before 2th-may .2013,all machine and factory should be move out ,oh,how rude and how simples way to treat all crystal factory,yeah,crystal factory be very dirty and pollute environment seriously,but as government just give us a simple rule and limited 1 weeks to move out ,that's too unfair,when they develop the crystal industrial ,they say nothing where can be done or not done ,and they want to end it ,just give us a notice ,oh,my god.

it's means the crystal gifts will be end of cheap time ,and going the price higher and higher.

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